Canadian Parks Tour


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I have not seen it before. Entire villages, fields, parking lots with cars and tractors are under a 1-2 meter layer of water. And a couple of days ago, the water was clearly much higher sections of the highway were covered with silt, and drowned cars lay on the sides of the road. A week earlier, everything was closed here. But now the sky was clear, the sun was shining and the water was gradually receding.

Calgary reached without any problems, despite the rush hour. They lost about half an hour in traffic jams mainly due to a major accident at the entrance to the city. In the city of traces of flooding was not particularly noticeable. And here is the hotel: hurray! Light in the office vigorously lit, settled Canada.

The receptionist turned out to be rather unfriendly, however, unfortunately, many representatives of the Canadian service. I do not know whether this is due to the harsh northern climate or the harsh reality of Canadian semi-socialism. Downtown Calgary Canada, alas, was closed for the foreseeable future. But I was already there, so I was not particularly upset. I had to spend the rest of the day in the abyss of idleness and alcoholism. To do this, jumped into the nearest store and a supermarket. Prices are not pleased and partially explained the general gloom Canada. On average, all products are 20-50% more expensive than in the neighboring state, alcohol by 100-150%. That’s what pleased so this assortment. Far from Italy, of course, but at least in the usual non-ethnic supermarket there was a sausage smelling sausage and cheese smelling cheese.

Looking ahead, cover the problem of currency exchange. So, there is no such problem in Alberta Canada. The fact that in British Columbia kaksy not needed, we knew from experience. But the fact that in 6 days in Alberta we met the only seller who refused to accept American dollars turned out to be a discovery. Moreover, nat. parks and museums took dollars at the rate, that is, 97 cents each, and shops and other private traders 1: 1. But even paying 1: 1 with a loss of 3% is more profitable than going to the exchanger. Everything was given in local currency, which we also successfully spent.